D52 Factory warehouse, size 2 rai, usable area of 1800 square meters, with a factory license 4, Khlong Luang Road, Pathum Thani, Tel.062-6694225

Factory warehouse with a license for a 4-storey factory, adjacent to Klong Luang Road, 2 rai of land, full of usage area. Located on the main road, easy access, easy access to all types of cars, with office offices, can be made into factories. Good location, suitable for many businesses.
Rent 120,000 baht per month
Interested contact: 062-6694225
Id Line: 54321jump
WeChat: hugkunna
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2539 ถนนลาดพร้าว แขวง คลองเจ้าคุณสิงห์ เขต วังทองหลาง กรุงเทพมหานคร 10310 ประเทศไทย
Code: FW85 | Price: ฿ 120,000
Pathum Thani, Khlong Luang
2rai | -sqw | 1,800sqm
6+ | 6+ | 6+
153 ผู้เข้าชม
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