D28 for sale, warehouse, factory, office, office and residence, 3 floors, modern loft, Ekachai, Bangbon Tel.062-6694225

Sell ​​or rent a factory, 2-storey warehouse with office and 3-storey modern style residence in Ekachai Bangbon area. Have a factory license The total area is about 1 rai. The usable area is more than 1600 square meters because the factory is 2 floors. There are elevators, offices and 3-storey residences. Beautifully decorated with office equipment ready to use immediately.
Selling price 26,000,000 baht or rent 90,000 baht per month. Price can be agreed if really interested.

Interested contact: 062-6694225
Id Line: 54321jump
WeChat: hugkunna
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Code: FW64 | Price: ฿ 150,000
Bangkok, Khet Chom Thong
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